Dance Diary #1

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recently I had one of my famous spur of the moment desires and chose to take up ballet lessons, something I haven't done since about the age of 11-12 (can't be positive on the exact age) as I ironically took a tumble down two flights of concrete stairs just a few minutes after coming off stage from my first ballet show. Thanks fate. Luckily I came out of it pretty unsaved with a bruise to the noggin and a now out of place hip. Which ment that I had to quit in the end as I wouldn't be able to progress to pointe.

So with my idea stuck in my head like a bee to a flower in spring (and a healed hip after years of seeing a chiropractor) I phoned up my old dance teacher Zoe who agreed to my whims. Yay!

I quickly brushed up on my knowledge after goodness knows how long and borrowed one of my cousin's spare pair of ballet shoes and a week later off I trotted to my first lesson in yonks.

After a somewhat wobbly start I was pleased as punch that my muscle memory was kicking back in, which I'm still amazed by how it remembered the moves, I kept up in a respectful pace, especially as some of the girls are practising for their exams and they are all only in their early teens (I feel so old, fetch the walking stick!) but all in all it was actually pretty enjoyable.

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