Wishlist #1.

by - Friday, June 29, 2012

01. Petie Space Print Leggins - Topsop. As I'm the mini height of 4'10'' I find it such a kerfuffle to find any decent leggins that don't bag around my knees and/or are too big around the waist. Since the age of 13 I'd convinced myself that I'd be destined to troll around the kiddy section of Primark feeling silly that I had to buy size 9-10 jeans... That was untill I had a growth spirt (not by much mind) and arrived at my current height, then one day in Topshop I just thought ''Oh why not try?" and what do you know, they are THE perfect fit. Result!

02. Pleated Denim Hip Skirt in Coral - Topshop.  As to not repeate myself again, same problem as above with another brilliant result. I always knew there was a reason why Topshop is my safe haven.

03. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Plus. About a year or so ago I was out with my mum and two God-Mothers, (yes, I have two! Mum couldn't decide between her two best friends) when I got into a conversation with my Aunty Slyvia about how I love foundation but it makes my skin horrible when it's hot and sunny, (which isn't very often in England. Boohoo) Cut a long story short she had a spare MSF as her husband had bourght her and extra for Christmas and said I could have it to try out and it was love at first use. Now I've hit pan of my second powder (I went and bourght my own when the first one ran out) and I need a new one asap!    

04. Petite Flag Denim Shorts - Topshop. It's no secret that I'm just a tad Kardashian-obsessed, I just love them okay! Ever since Kylie Jenner posted pictures on her twitter of herself wearing a pair of these bad boys at last years 4th July I've been lusting after them non stop.

What are your 'must haves' at the moment? Let me know,

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