Collection 2000 Primed and Ready.

by - Monday, July 16, 2012

The other day I realised that I am quickly coming to an end of my faithful old face primer Benefit's The Porefessional. It must have been at least two years ago since I bought it and bare in mind that I've never repurchased it as I went a little loopy and stocked up on the recent mini free bees in Glamour magazine.

As I'm also short on money at the moment I wouldn't and couldn't be forking out another £23.50 no matter how amazing it is so I popped into Boots on the way into work and picked up the new Collection 2000 alternative, Primed and Ready.

I must say that I'm not a huge fan of this product, it does the job nicely and gives equally amazing coverage as The Porefessional but I just found it so greasy when I put it on my fingertips to apply it, also it's a thicker consistency that Benefits which strikes me as weird as you're paying less, not that I'm complaining. To top it off, I defiantly will be buying this again, just make sure that you have a baby wipe to hand before continuing your make up routine.

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  1. Hey!

    What a great post, I saw this the other day but I've got a few other primers to use up first. It sounds like it would be good for my dry skin if its quite oily/greasy haha.

    Just found your blog, love your cute blog header! New follower :)

    Laura xx

    1. I would defiantly reccomed it if you have dry skin, it's not like sticking your head in a chip pan but it's also defiantly not oil free :) hope that makes sense & helps! YAAAY THANKYOU! xxx


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