Jasper's June Faves.

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I really enjoy reading the monthly favourite posts that have been popping up on zillions of blogs for as long as I can remember, there's just something so freeing about being given the okay to have a good old noisy into people's loves and hates.

With that thought in mind I decided that as I don't think I have that many favourites for June (one to be exact) that I'd give my little dog his fare crack at it. So without further delay I bring you Jasper's June Favourites:

01. Skunky the Skunk: Jasper carries this little fellow around with him wherever he goes be that outside digging up the plants or snuggling up on my bed if Jasper is there then Skunky is never far away.

02. Meowing Kitten: The cat actually was mine when I was little and as I've grown up the cat, like many other toys got packed away in boxes for any children that I may end up having later in life. That was until me and mum decided to redo my bedroom floor last week and the boxes that had been tucked away under my bed saw daylight once more.

Curious as usual I eagerly unpacked the dusty plastic box to see what treasures had been hidden away. The second I pulled out the cat Jasper was at my side his eyes wide as the small furry animal in my hands purred away (all thanks to the small rattle in it's head.) Faster than I could blink he'd whipped the toy out of my hands and was cuddling up to it and licking it's back.

He was so sweet I didn't have the heart to take it off him and now, like the skunk he won't go anywhere without it.

03. Tug-Of-War Rope: We think Jasper may still be teething as he just won't stop nibbling things (table legs, carpets, fur cones, anything he can get his paws on) despite just turning one on Sunday. He wasn't all that fussed about this rope untill the other day when out of the blue he grabbed it and bought it over to me and started to pull the other (now soggy) end. Now whenever he's going to chew something we quickly switch the thing he's after for this and he's just as happy, which is extremely good as he's leavening the furniture alone.

Are there any toys that your furry friends are enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments below

Jade x

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