LOTD - Blog #2

by - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Seeing as I missed Louise's last LOTD Blog post last week this is technically my first but to keep it in the running with Louise I'll label it as No.2.

Tuesday is 'share a blog/post that you love and/or find inspiring'. I am going to share with you my best friend, Chantelle's blog. Her life has changed so much over the last year and she's stayed strong with her head screwed on right even when people were not so kind to her or respected her choices. I know for a fact that she wouldn't turn back time for anything and she's the most loving, caring, sweet girl I know and most of all she's a wonderful mummy to Baby J. (Obviously I won't post the baby's name as that choice belongs with Chantelle) I'm just so proud and honoured to call her one of my two best friends.

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