LOTD - Fact or Quote.

by - Friday, July 06, 2012

Hi Girlies! Today's Love Of The Day (though up by of Louise) is "Fact or Quote" which can only mean one thing, it's Friday! yay! (cue that pesky song by Rebecca Black.)

As I'm unable to come up with any remotely interesting facts off the top of my head I shall share another quote with you from a book that I picked up today in the local discounted book shop for a measly £2! A bargain if there ever was one.

The book in question is in fact Fearne & Holly: The Best Friends' Guide To Life. Most Brits will have properly heard of these two amazing ladies from either Fearne's [Cotton] gig as A Radio One DJ,Holly's [Willoughby] morning chit chats on daytime TV or Celebrity Juice hosted by Keith Lemon where the best friends are the heads of their own teams.

I believe that the quote is actually from Holly and I just read it and thought ''Wow she's right! If you don't divide your time up wisely then you are bound to make a right mess of it".

What is your fact or quote of the day? Let me know in the comments below!

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