Wishlist #2.

by - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

01. Basic Boots with Detailing in Tan - Zara (kids): These are just practical all year round & partly to do with the fact that I've completely worn out the soles of my River Island style Ugg boots. Also with all this crummy English weather we're getting at the moment they would be handy for walking to work in the rain.

02. Moustache Charm Necklace in Pink - Forever 21: I've yet to go to Forever 21 as the last time I was in London the shop hadn't opened but now it has I'm itching to spend hours trailing down the rows and finally getting a look at A shop I've heard so much about over the years. I've just recently developed a new appreciation for the colour pink (something I was never too keen on), combined with a love of cute necklaces this one is a winner.

03. OPI Kardashian Kolors in ''Wear Something Spar-Kylie'' - ASOS: As I've said before, I love the Kardashians and like most fans of the famous family I was really excited when they released their first nail polish line in collaboration with the world famous OPI. One slight hiccup however, my finger nails are dire! No joke, as I type now I'm desperately trying to grow the babies but I'm a self confessed nail biter (bad Jade!) but my toe nails (now they are nice longish and healthy) could use some TLC and this is exactly the trick.

04. OPI Kardashian Kolors in "All Kendall-ed Up" - ASOS: Basically same as above. Yay Kardashians!

What things have you been eyeing up this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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