99p Nail Vanish.

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The other day I was in the local 99p shop stocking up on dog treats for Jasper when I saw this Revlon nail vanish for under a pound! Being the cheapskate that I am, and not wanting to pay the usual £4+ price tag I snatched it up and hurried to the till to pay.

The colour is called Plum Night and is a deep plum colour (hense the name) with very suttle metallic undertones. It's quite runny for a Revlon polish but I can't complain when it was as cheap as chips, I guess it may have been part of a dodgy batch perhaps. The colour payoff is great, I only needed two Coates and only because of its habit of running a tad. I highly recommend snapping this beauty up as I can safely say that it's an absolute bargain!

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