Top 7 Primark A/W '12 Picks.

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2012

1. Studded Black Tote - Yes I do have a fair few plain black bags tucked away somewhere but even I can't deny that this little gem is adorable, a true mix of practicality and rock chic // £12 in store now.

2. Burgandy Sequin Jumper - Anyone who's seen my past 'Wishlists' will know that I'm addicted to Peter Pan collers that stem from my undyeing love of all things Disney. Add the warm cosy feeling of a winter jumper and I can't wait to get my paws on it. // £14 in store end September.

3. Ribbed Cardigan - Simply put, I've always wanted a cardigan like this but never found one I've liked before.. Until now, also the large buttons are so my style! // £12 in store beginning August

4. Purple Trim Blouse - The first thing that grabbed my attention was the gold coloured coller tips, I find that there is something so dainty and elegant about these peices. Yes they are tiny but that's what gives the blouse a mature look - and they look good on anyone of any age, plus the colour is a lovely plum which always reminds me of Autumn. // £6 in store now

5. Lepord Print Boots - Sadly Primark doesn't make these in a size 1, boo hoo! But for those of you who dont have abnormally small feet these babies are avialable in size 3 and up. I'm currently haveing a throwback to my childhood (daughter of the 90's, born in '92) and these just scream Scary Spice to me, however, if that's a good or bad thing is still to be decided. // £20 in store now

6. Large Tan Tote - Another bag for all you handbag junkies. Is it just me or does this have a good resemblance to a recent Zara creation? Let me know what you think in the comments below! This just seems like the perfect everyday bag that can be taken with you everywhere and I'm sure that it would be just as good for a night out too. // £12 in store beginning August

7. Black Print Blouse - Being a part-time ballet dancer (in training) this has to be my favourite peice of the entire collection. When the Spring/Summer blouses' were released I was hesitant as there wasn't anything that stood out to me. I liked them but I wasn't prepared to fork out ten quid for one. The material is very soft, along the lines of a silky texture. I can picture myself wearing this day-in-day out for the forseable future. // £10 in store now

What are the peices that you're loving for the upcoming season? (It doesn't have to be Primark!) Let me know in the comments below.

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