Loving Him Was Red.

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Taylor Swift, why do you have to be just so blooming adorable? It's just not fair that somebody can be so perfect, but I guess that's why we love her. I don't know why but 2012 hasn't been the best year for me and as we are speeding towards Christmas time (and as my little brother keeps saying, the end of the world) I'm starting to become all reflective. You know when there is one album that you constantly have playing on loop and in turn driving everyone around you bonkers - well for me it has to be Taylor's "Speak Now" album, it just always has the ability to cheer me up when I'm in a grump and there's nothing better than dancing around my bedroom like a banana singing along (something poor Jasper doesn't seem all that keen on!). So to wrap up - thank you Taylor for always brightening up my day. 

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  1. i did a tutorial or two on her looks. i'm crazy, i know! anyway, following you nowwww

  2. no you're not! oh yay, thankyou! x


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