The Human Mannequin

by - Thursday, November 01, 2012

I've just changed the channel over to find one of the most inspireing doctumentrys I've ever seen and as it's fashion related I thought that I'd share my views on it with you guys.

"The Human Mannequin" is a Channel 4 documenty that follows Louise Wedderburn, a young girl from Fraserburgh who's trying to forge a path in the world of fashion whilst battling a rare genetic condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva- more commonly known as FOP, (a condition that only has 700 known cases in the world) which causes her muscles to freeze/seize up without warning and turn into a almost bone-like state.

Despite having every right to complain and play the self pity game Louise never once gives up, she constantly battles on with her life, never letting anything get in her way. She travels to London to attend London Fashion Week which, bless her heart, seems to leave her exhausted and yet she always has a bright, warm, dazzling smile fixed firmly in place - again never ever complaining in the slightest.

After the excitement of LFW Louise lands an internship at ELLE Magazine! (Lucky madame) where she's sent out onto the streets of London as an Street Fashion Spotter. She tackles the task perfectly, with such a bubbly and vibrant attitude people are more than happy to share their personal style with the budding fashionista - bare in mind that until six months ago Louise had never had a job due to her illness, so in my book she's blooming amazing that she's archived so much and made such a impact in the short space of time.

Sadly, when she's back in the office typing up her next assignment, an article on her two favourite upcoming tends her illness flares up again, her body sizing up and making it almost impossible for her to continue sitting at the office desk - something that most people wouldn't think twice about but for Louise it's off home to relax, unwind and to finish off the article.

A new day dawns and Louise returns, right as rain (within her capability), completed article in hand. All that's left is to scan the document and upload it to the Elle files where it will await it's turn to be featured in an upcoming issue.

Louise is a true inspiration, proving that despite what life throws at you, if you want something enough you can discover and live your dreams. She's made me take a look at myself and give me a big metaphorical kick up the butt - letting me know that anything is possible and that I can achieve great things if I set my mind to it.

Louise's blog can be viewed here and the documentary is currently available to watch on 4OD. 

What did you think of "The Human Mannequin"? Let me know in the comments below.

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