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by - Sunday, November 18, 2012

credit : edited by me.

I love watching Tag Videos on YouTube and despite not having the lady balls to start filming videos of my own I still enjoy joining in the tag sensation. This tag was the brainchild of one of my (many) favourite Beauty Gurus, Bethany or as she's more commonly known - Macbarbie07. If you haven't seen her videos yet then you are missing out on her wonderful bubbly self so go and watch!


1. Favourite Winter Nail Polish?
I'm loving anything red at the moment as it reminds me of Father Christmas. Anything goes, deep ox blood, pillar-box red and my absolute favourite, deep burgundy reds. 

2. Favourite Winter lip product?

Hands down it's got to be Make Up Academy's Lip Boom in It's A Situation. The deep purple shade is bang on trend and I've gotten so many compliments whilst wearing it. For a more information check out my review here

3. Most worn Winter clothing piece?

Even though I only bought it a week ago I'm just going to go ahead and say that it's going to be my Christmas jumper from Primark. It's so sweet and festive with the little penguins and Christmas trees and I feel oober festive whenever I wear it.

4. Most worn Winter accessory?

I don't know about you guys but I've been so cold lately so I've been snuggling up in my knitted grey bear hat which I bought from Topshop about two years ago. The only down side is that Jasper thinks that I'm wearing a giant mouse on my head and jumps up to try and steal it.

5. Favourite winter scent/candle?

I don't really have a favourite scent at the moment, I did give Grandma a Christmas Cupcake Yankee Candle last year and I always like the smell of it whenever I go round her house. I may have a get myself one of the mini versions.

6. Favourite Winter beverage?
Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, it's so scrummy!

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?

There's so many that I love. I'm going to have to pick Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas because I always watch that with my Mum, Brother and Grandma at Christmas, it's tradition.

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?

I've just this minute put the whole of Michael Buble's Christmas album on my iPod so currently it's anything festive from him.

9. Favourite Holiday food/treat?

Mr. Kipling's Frosted Fancies, they are far too good to only eat one box.

10. What is your favourite Christmas Decoration this year?

The Christmas tree, tinsel, fairy lights, everything really.

11. What's at the top of your Christmas list?

Once Upon A Time: complete first series, as if that wasn't obvious at all ;)

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Well Grandma always stays with us over the Holidays right up into January so she's with us. We are probably going round my Mum's friend's house for Christmas dinner on the 25th as well.

Tagging time! I tag all of my followers and all you you if you're reading this! Let's spread some Holiday cheer! and If you don't celebrate Christmas why not adapt the questions to however you fancy, no one needs to be left out!

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  1. Doing this here and will sometime next month on the blog, so thanks for the tag! :)

    1. red glitter

    2. eos or softlips

    3. my aubergine trench

    4. scarves!

    5. marshmallow, apple cinnamon, vanilla sugar cookie

    Starbucks peppermint latte or peppermint hot choc

    7. A Christmas Story

    8. Christmas Wrapping
    Oh Holy Night
    Jingle Bells

    9. colored sugar cookies (cookies with different colors or sugar sprinkles)

    10. tree, lights

    11. a camera

    12. presents with mom's family and the visiting my dad's!

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