It's my birthday and I'll dance if I want to

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It was my 21st Birthday (as well as my Mum's 50th) last Thursday and I had such a lovely day with all my friends and family, so a huge thank you to all of you if you ever read this. I hope you pretty people don't mind me sharing a mini birthday haul with you, normally I wouldn't do this but It's only a few little things and they are just far too pretty to not be photographed!

love jade.

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  1. I love Lady Gaga's perfume. I thought it would have been more of a whacky scent to match her personality more but I love it. It also lasts a long time on me.

    Lola @ Haus of Lola

    1. Same, I'm just glade that it doesn't smell like horse sperm like it was apperntly meant to :/


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