Aztec owls

by - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what i wore today: owl jumper: charity shop // aztec print shorts: miss selfridge // black tights:  primark

Like my last post this is actually Saturday's work outfit but again due to being as busy as a squirrel collecting nuts I couldn't find the time to post this before now, so I hope that you don't mind! I just don't know what is happening with the British weather, one minute it's sunny and the cold snap has finally gone away, which then makes me all happy inside and looking through my wardrobe for my Spring dresses and then before you can say "Hello sunshine" it's back to being all gloomy and just plain bloody freezing cold. It needs to make it's mind up ASAP, and It had better choose to be sunny and warm, i'm getting fed up of having to wear thick knitted jumpers in April!

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