5 and a half boredom beating ideas

by - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I don't really know what's the matter with me, first I contracted a severe case of bronchitis at the end of February, beginning of March and was starting to feel all better last week when out of nowhere I was knocked backwards by another bug who I like to call Mr. Why-Wont-You-Let-Me-Get-Better? It wasn't pretty, trust me. Now I'm hopefully on the mend, touch wood and can get back to feeling like my normal self. While I was I was pretty strapped for ideas on how to keep entertained and it made me want to make a list of fun things to do on a rainy day or if your ill and can't go out, so I'm sorry if this post seems completely random but hey ho.

01. Catch up on the TV program's that you're currently watching. This was properly the one that I did the most, within the space of three days I managed to polish off or at least get up to date with Carrie Diaries, Bates Motel, Kourtney and Kim and the rest of the usual shows I watch, still quite a bit behind on the True Blood front though!

02. Brush and groom the dog. I don't know about any of you but I always find it relaxing to just sit there and brush Jasper, there's just something very therapeutic about it although Jasper will try and make a few escape attempts if you brush him for too long.

03. Spring clean and just general tidying up. I don't do this when I feel extremely poopy but when I can tell that I'm on the mend there's nothing that I like more than just having a good old rummage around my bedroom and chucking out all the clutter that's piled up since the bug attacked me. Empty bowls and cups, fresh duvet covers, etc it all adds to a happier, fresher feeling (ha I think I may have just sounded like a Tampax advert, oh dear!)

04. Power naps. Pretty self explanatory, I like my sleep but I have trouble getting to sleep at night on a normal day so whenever I get run down I'm completely zonked so I try and get as much sleep as possible. It all come back to feeling brighter I think.

05. Watching videos on YouTube. When you feel under the weather there's nothing that works better for a case of the poorly-grumps than a good old chuckle. I'll hop on over to YouTube and catch up on all my favourite video goodness from the past week or so, the ones who always make me laugh are Zoe, Louise, Jim, Joe and Fleur.

051/2. Looking at this picture of Jasper. My Brother calls this his "Hugh Hefner" pose, all that's missing is the big pimped out chair and the lady doggies. (My brother's words not mine!)

So there's my top ideas to beat the border of illness and rainy days and now you know mine why don't you let me know yours in the comments?
love jade.

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  1. OMG,this is sooo cute.*__*
    I like your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Hi Nessa :)
      Aww thank you & I'd love to follow you, just doing that now, I love your blog, it's adorable :)
      Love Jade xx

  2. Thank you sooo much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin and gfc,too.
    Lovely greets from germany

  3. Thanks again,for your lovely comment.;-)
    Sure, I'm Rapunzel. No, just kidding.
    Hope you visit my blog again...

    1. Haha :) will do sweetie, it's one epic blog you've got there :) xx


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