Maybelline 'The Rocket' Mascara - Review

by - Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey there Pixies! I'm sorry that I've not been blogging for the past week or so, I just completely lost track of time and I've also had a lot going on in my life. Anyway, lets get cracking shall we?

My eyes are funny things, and by that I mean that they are super doper sensitive which sometimes can be really annoying, especially when it comes to finding a good mascara. I've tried products from both high street and high end brands and they last for a couple of hours but after a while my eyes just start to burn and get all red a puffy which is never a good look on anyone.

I'm pretty late to jump on the bandwagon here but after reading a zillion positive reviews (and having enough points on my boots card) I trotted off into town and picked up my own tube and tried it out because aside from a blinding pain in my eye area, what did I have to loose? 

The most important result for me is that I've found a mascara that doesn't hurt my eyes! Hallelujah! Second, the brush is the perfect size for me, not gigantic that I end up applying mascara to my nose instead of my eye and the tiny bristles at the tip of the wand is perfect for catching those pesky miniature lashes that never seem to be caught my the rest of the brush. And lastly, I picked up the normal formula, now I can't speak for the waterproof alternative but this is one mascara that refuses to budge, even when I've taken all my make up off the night before I still wake up with panda eyes in the morning, so that has to be the only downside, but apart from that small issue I can't recommend The Rocket enough and I'll be rushing out to repurchase this one my current tube runs out.

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