Television Tuesday - Kourtney & Kim Take Miami

by - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I'm just going to go and admit it, I'm a huge Kardashian fan (big shocker there, not!) I've seen every episode of Keeping Up.. at least three times and have downloaded all the spin offs to my iPad. At the moment I'm making my way through the current series of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, the latest and most up-to-date of their many shows (give or take a few months between the actual recording and broadcasting obviously.)

This series (the third for those of you keeping track) we've seen the two eldest Kardashian sisters move back to Miami to open another store in their DASH clothing chain, a follow up to their extremely successful Calabasas, LA. The pair are not at it alone however, along for the ride is Kourtney's long-term boyfriend Scott 'The Lord' Disick, the couple's two children, Mason and Penelope, Kim's boyfriend Kanye West and not forgetting the lovable and witty Khloe Kardashian of course who despite not being a front runner this season due to other work commitments pops in to check on her big sisters from time to time.

This series also makes a few big milestones in the girls' lives, from baby Penelope continuing her television debut after her birth in the season final of the last Keeping Up.. episode, Kim getting pregnant and starting to plan a family with Kanye (personally I think that she'll be a wonderful Mummy), Khloe's ongoing struggle with fertility; big sis Kourt even offers to be her surrogate if Khloe is unable to carry and little Mason who just keeps getting cuter every time we see him.

I know that the family receives a lot of hate, some of it may be earned (in other people's eyes) but to me, most of it is not. I'm fully aware that they may come across as 'divas' or 'spoilt' to the casual viewer but if you get into the heart of the show and watch every episode then you'll see that they do earn their money, be that from public appearances or opening another DASH store the girls deserve every penny they earn and if you fancy coming along for the ride you will see that and so much more; the highs and the lows of the families' life and laid bare and ready for your viewing pleasure. If you've ever watched an episode of TOWIE, Geordie Shore or any other reality TV show than you're bound to love keeping up with this krazy family.
love jade.

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