Wishlist #7

by - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

alice in wonderland & tinkerbell canvas - here // ipad camera connection kit - here // rapunzel animator's collection doll - here // coral flat forms - here

001. The saying "I'm a complete Disney freak" is a little bit of an understatement when it comes to me, especially the Princesses. Since I was a tiny tot I've been in awe of their general amazingness and beauty and there's nothing I love more than a decent piece of wall art (well... perhaps apart from my mum when she gets in Ikea, but that's a whole other story!) and as soon as I spotted these on the Disney UK site I've been lusting after them and picturing how they'd look on my bedroom wall.  

002. The next item is simple. I'm too lazy to lug out the laptop that i'm pretty sure will conk it soon and go to laptop heaven so this will hopefully sort out two problems at once, and let's be honest it's just easier to be able to upload the pictures straight to my iPad. 

003. I swear that I'm not five years old and I'll properly never get it but it's just so pretty! and taking into account my slight obsession with anything Tangled I just couldn't not include it. 

004. Bare in mind that I have, to quote Joey from Friends: "Freakishly tiny feet" that all of my shoes will fit a seven year old but nowadays they pretty much make clones in normal people sizes. At first I wasn't sure about the reappearance of the Flatform as they are practically the Marmite of the shoe world, you either love them with a passion or want to throw them in a bonfire and watch them burn. However I've seen lots of people sporting these and my mind has been swayed... and let's be honest here, I need the added height!

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