15 Facts about Jasper

by - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

While I'm still planning my next beauty related post I thought that it would be quite cute if I gave my little shadow a proper introduction to the world, well the blogging world at least as my Facebook is chocker blocked with a zillion Jasper pictures. Now without further ado, may I present to you my little fluffy friend...

01. Jasper's full name is Jasper Burton Fluffy Tail O'Donnell. Yes I did name my dog after Tim Burton.

02. It says on his birth certificate that he's a purebred Lhasa Apso but we think that there's a few Gremlin and Ewok relatives hiding somewhere in his family tree.

03. He was born on 1st July 2011 which means he'll be turning two very soon. That doesn't actually seem possible as he'll always be my little baby.

04. The last time he went to the vet he weighed around 12 stone. He's not overweight, he may look it but in fact it's just all that fur and his Daddy Dog was a show dog AND very large himself, so we have ourselves a giant ball of fur.

05. He's an expert escape artist. He'll find the tiniest gap in the hedge and scurry into our next door neighbors' gardens.

06. That being said, Jasper is also quite the thief, he loves to steal the insoles out of people's shoes, how he even manages that when they're so difficult to put in the shoe in the first place is a mystery to me.

07. His favorite foods are cheese, fish, chicken, carrots and cups of tea... Actually anything that you'd class as 'human food' that's safe for dogs to eat he'll gobble it down.

08. He sits for hours on end on the window seat looking (and woofing) and everything that passes by, whenever he does this he looks like a Meerkat.

09. His favorite place to sleep is at the foot of my bed. Throughout the night he'll stretch out diagonally across the bed which means that I can't stretch my legs out so I'm always curled up in a ball at the very edge. Jasper's a true bed stealer.

10. Jasper loves cuddles, and lots of them.

11. Jasper doesn't run around like your typical dog, he hops about like a rabbit. Maybe there's a bit of bunny in his DNA as well, it wouldn't surprise me.

12. He'll eat your door stop if you leave it alone for more than two minutes. My Mum's best friend found this out when she was Doggy-Sitting him one afternoon. Oops!

13. Once he knows you well enough he will never leave you alone when you come round our house, Jasper will always be there trying to get your attention... And your shoes.

14. He can be extremely stubborn. He'll only do what you say if he feels like it (he has been trained but I don't know how effective it's been.)

15. He's super duper fluffy!

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  1. Awh Jade he's so adorable :) I love dogs, I have a King Charles myself just a bit older than Jasper, they really are like your mini shadow :) x

    1. Aww thanks Steff :) I love King Charles(es?) I don't know what the plural for them is :P they are the most adorable little dogs :) also thank you so much for following me, I love your blog :) love Jade xxx


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