Eye Brow Power

by - Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Over the past year or so Cara Delevinge has rocketed to super stardom, going form your typical model to a world famous 'It Girl' practically over night. One of Cara's defining features is her bushy over sized eyebrows. In a culture of super skinny, drawn on eye brows Cara's caterpillars made her stand out from the fashion crowd and has started a welcome fresh tend among the eye brow lazy community, myself included. No longer do I have to suffer from terrible alopecia after getting my eyebrows shaped  not to mention the pain that it comes with but think of the money you'll save on monthly appointments to the beauty parlor - although I'll still pop by every so often to prevent the disaster of a mono brow... Not such a good look on me. Cara, in the name of female eye brows across Great Britain  I salute you.  

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    1. Thanks Laura :) hope you're doing ok xx


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