Life Update | No.1

by - Monday, June 03, 2013

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001. Hi Pixies! I guess that the most current news is that my lovely Grandma has finally finished moving and has now settled happily in her new flat. Bless her, she's been through quite a time with it all as her last free holder wasn't very considerate to her and everything, he was just a meanie to be honest. Anyway, after staying with us for the last two months or so as everything was getting sorted she officially moved in yesterday evening and the flat is looking lovely so I hope she'll be a lot happier there... And it's closer to us which is also a plus.

002. The start of summer! At long last us Brits have started to have a decent summer (fingers crossed that I don't jinx it!) I find that living by the sea is really cool as its only a short car journey to the beach, although finding a place to park on a nice day is a bloody nightmare! So to sort out the many problems of parking, lugging all the crap too and throw everyday and of course Jasper Mum's decided to go in with her best friend and rent a beach hut for a few weeks in the holidays, so we can take Jasper with us too as he loves to play with my Mum's friends little ones and roll in all the sand.

003. Whilst on the subject of the 'furry one' it's now less than one month before his second (human) birthday! I can't quite believe that the miniature ball of fur we bought home that day on the train has grown into a huge big (well big for a Lhasa Apso) dog! He's still a little toe-rag at times but he's always loving and adorably stubborn. So it looks like I've got less than 30 days to plan a Puppy Party. Time to go into Monica Geller mode.

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