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by - Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi there Pixies! How are you today? I hope that you're still enjoying this fab weather, (fingers crossed that it stays this way for the whole of the Summer - wouldn't that be nice.)

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You may have already guessed by the title what this post is going to be about. If not I'll give you a hint: Ballet. Well my friends, I'm pleased as punch to announce that I'm finally starting Pointe work in September!!! Yay! Now to some people this may be not a huge deal as you either have no interest in Ballet or have been taking Pointe classes for a long time, but for me it's a big achievement.

You see, when I was eleven years old I took part in my first proper Ballet show (by proper I mean whole school show) and our class had just finished their number and we were all giddy with excitement and hurrying back to our dressing rooms when whack- I fell down two flights of concrete stairs, knocking myself out for a good ten minutes, and more importantly, fracturing my hip bone. I don't remember much, just my friend Lucy sitting beside me, holding my hand and shouting loudly (bless her, she's still a good friend of mine to this day.) So, to cut a long story short I was able to take part in the shows evening performance but the damage was done. I spent months at the Chiropractor and Doctors trying to slowly fix it but the sad part was that my dreams of starting up Pointe classes were dashed as I was pretty much out of action.

So I stopped taking Ballet until about a year ago when I'd finally finished College and through that I would take it back up again and try to achieve my goal, and it's pretty much confirmed that I'm starting up in September, all I need to do now is save up my Babysitting money over the Summer holiday so I can afford the lessons and of course, the Pointe shoes themselves, otherwise I'd look like a right twit turning up to class without the shoes.

It's taken a lot longer than I'd expected and with a (big) bump along the way but I'm just overjoyed that I can finally say that I am now a 'grown up' Ballerina.

Are any of you guys into Ballet, or just dance in general? I'd love to know! As usual let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thats fabulous news that you are getting back into Ballet. Congratulations. I play Roller Derby & it does takes up most of my time. But dancing is so much fun. When I retire I could be tempted to get back in the dance room.

  2. I've been dancing since I was two years old and I love it but ballet has never been my best style to I haven't tried pointe. Well done for this - pointe looks so difficult so you must be really good! Glad it's worked out for you :)

  3. Congrats on getting back to dance! I started serious dance last year, and I am going to go on pointe in a couple of months. Do you have any tips for ballet in general?

    1. The best advice I can give you sweetie is just keep at it and work hard. I'm nowhere near a 'pro' or even overly skilled tbh :) xx

  4. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can find out details on my blog (


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