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by - Monday, July 15, 2013

If you haven't seen Clueless yet then go and watch it! It's a true 90's gem!

Hi Pixies! How've you all been? I'm sorry for lacking slightly on the blogging front but the brilliant sunny weather has been calling my name and I'm just a sucker for this glorious Summer weather. To be fair this will properly never happen again as British weather on the whole is pretty shitty so you need to make the best of it while you can! 

So today I'm going to be taking part in The 90's Tag, which was set up by the lovely Zoe & Tanya, if you haven't checked them out yet then stop reading, go and check them out and then come back! I was born in 1992, and  looking back now, I had the most amazing childhood. From the over the top fashion to the weirdest gadgets you could find it was just awesome to grow up back then - when things seemed simpler and happier. If you we're born in the 90's then this Tag is for you. Happy reading!

Favourite Disney Film? Growing up I never really had a 'favourite' Disney film. I loved them all equally and wore the those VHS' down to their bones, although my Mum says that I would constantly choose Peter Pan if she gave me the choice. There's a billion pictures tucked away in the old photo albums of me prancing around the house dressed up as Tinker Bell.

Favourite Music Artist? Spice Girls, hands down. I adored them and probably owned every tiny bit of merchandise I could get my little hands on. I remember when I was in First School, me and my friend Kirsty would always come in with our hair in pig tails carrying our plastic box Spice Girls lunch boxes, although Kirsty always looked more like Baby Spice than I did as she was a blonde.

Favourite Candy/Sweeties? Oh I can't really remember many sweets that I had growing up although I was always chomping down those BN biscuits (BN BN Duh Duh Duh Duh!), but only the chocolate ones as the strawberry ones tasted nasty. I also remember that there were these packs of sherbet that would come with two different flavours and you had a lollipop stick that you'd lick, dip in the sherbet then eat it. Talk about unhealthy!

Favourite Game (Board Game, School Game, etc.)? Hungry Hippos! I loved that game, although I would always end up loosening the little white balls. And I used to force play with my Mum using my billions of Barbies all the time, how she coped I'll never know. Oh... And my Polly Pockets, I think I still have those in the Attic somewhere.

Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy? I swear they gave away miniature Furbys at one point, they didn't do anything but they were still pretty nifty, I also collected the mini Beanie Babies, I'd send my Grandma in just to buy them. Screw the food I wanted the Beanies!

Favourite Book? There's a ton. Harry Potter has to be my all time favourite as it was the one that kick started my love of reading (and because I now have my beloved Harry Potter tattoo). I also loved reading The Worst Witch, the Sweet Valley series, Goosebumps (although I'd always get scared and tell my Mum to stop reading halfway through), and my munched loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch books, I still collect them to this day. What a nerd!

Favourite Clothing Shop? Tammy (Girl) I think I discovered it through my older Cousin when I was around six or seven and afterwards I never shopped anywhere else, I properly thought I was the bee's knees shopping in a 'grown up shop'... Until It closed down and then reopened in BHS for six year old girls.

Favourite NickJr. Show? I mostly watched Playhouse Disney when I was little. I think we did have NickJr. But the only two program's I can remember watching are Banana's In Pyjamas and The Magic School Bus.

What would you watch when you got home from school? Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Everyone at school used to talk about it at break time and predict that Sabrina and Harvey would live happily ever after. I also loved Saved By The Bell, Kenan and Kel (''Who loves Orange Soda? Kel loves Orange Soda!'', my brother didn't understand my sheer happiness when we found Orange Soda in Aldi the other day!), All That, Doug, Sister Sister, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Clarissa Explains It All, the Beetlejuice cartoon (my Winona obsession properly begun there!), Addams Family cartoon, Scooby Doo, Art Attack, Rugrats, The Worst Witch, The Amanda Show, Hey Arnold!, and so so many more.

If you we're born in the 90's then I tag YOU to do this Tag! 

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  1. Ah I actually love this tag so so many memories :) I used to send my Grandma into McDonalds as well just for the beanie baby toys, I was obsessed! :) Just found your blog and love it :) xx

    1. I wish that we could all go back to the 90's it just seems a lot better than it is today :) aww thanks Sophie, will check out yours now xxx

    2. I know right! Such a great time :) Thank you so much for following me :) xx

  2. I love these tags, Sabrina was my favorite too! They always bring back so many memories, I also love seeing how the UK ones differ from the US ones. So far the only difference I've really found is sweets, I guess even back then we all listened and watched the same thing =)


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