Haul | Primark, Yankee Candle & Batman

by - Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hi Pixies, I have another haul for you all, it's only a few things but I just thought that you would like a noisy anyway. By the way I didn't buy these all in one shopping trip, this is the result of two and I decided that it would be easier to just mix it all together in one big Haul post.

First off, is it ok if I break out into a happy dance as It's finally happened... Primark are selling mini versions of their women's shoes! And to make the moment even better they are adorable ankle cowboy boots, now I can dress my midget feet in all the amazing foot related fashions that I've been lusting after for so long. If anyone who works for Primark ever reads this, pretty please continue  making size one women's (kids) shoes that look grown up.

Sticking to feet the next thing I bought was these burgundy frilly socks with lace around the ankles and cute flowers on the side. They are a size four so they will be big on me but I'm planning to wear these as knee high socks over the ankle boots i bought at the same time, my beige Zara boots or my black Mary Janes. I think these will be perfect for the coming Autumn months as I find long socks perfect on the cooler days.

The third thing I picked up was yet another pack of hair scrunchies. I find them so useful as you can throw up your hair in a neat ponytail whenever you need and they are just handy to have around. I have quite a few buried somewhere in my ballet bag, one in my handbag and the others in various other 'most used' bags. It also doesn't help that I'm a big 90's kid and I can't resist anything that reminds me of being a little kid.

The last thing I bought from Primark was a new a pair of Aztec print headphones. I swear that I go though more headphones than anyone I know! I don't know why they never last long as I'm always careful with them. Someone needs to invent headphones that never break, that would be perfect.

I then quickly popped into the candle shop just to smell the candles as I'm a bit odd like that and in the end I ended up leaving having bought one of their new scents, Salted Cameral in the small sampler form. I absolutely love anything that smells of salted caramel, especially those salted caramel hot chocolate drinks from Starbucks, (check out my own recipie for the drink here) and the candle smells truly lush, the scent is so strong and I'm definitely considering getting the small jar version when Autumn hits.

The last thing I bought is the one that I've been on a month long mission to find. It took many trips to different shops and constantly popping into the comic shop in the high street (I think the guy working there was getting quite amused by my self imposed mission) but I finally found it. I'm talking about Batman: The Killing Joke. I've been a Batman fan since I was little when I watch the Animated Series but I think it's mostly Chantelle and Tia's influence that I've recently gotten more into the fandom, (especially Tia). My two favourite characters have to be Joker and Harley Quinn so I'm happy that I'm now able to read and learn the Joker's backstory. I can't recommend this enough if you're a Batman fan.

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