August Favourites

by - Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hi Pixies! Well another month has wizzed past and the Summer holidays have ended, which means that it's time for an August Favourites. I've been loving pretty much the same things as I was last month as I don't tend to stray from my trusted Summer essentials but this month I bit the bullet and I was determined to try different things and these are the few that I've been reaching for:

Taylor Swift - Red. To cut to the chase, I'm a big Taylor Swift fan. I know that there's a lot of mixed views when it comes to her but I have been playing this non stop. I find that her music is perfect for Summer as it's very bubbly and even some of the slower paced songs are nice for a relaxing walk along the sea shore.

CK In2U For Her. I seem to go through phases where I'll wear perfume everyday then a week or so later I just wouldn't be all that bothered. I don't know why, maybe I just don't like to mess up my neat little display of perfume bottles. I was given this on my 21st birthday by my Mum's best friend/ Godmother and I actually didn't open it until a few months later as I just thought that the box looked nice and shiny on my mantlepeice. I finally got around to giving it a go and I've been using this everyday since for the whole of August. Unlike some perfumes that I've tried before the smell is quite floral, but it isn't so floral that its overpowering. I also like that as well as the floral smell, it also has a fresh scent mixed in there too. It's very light and is easy to wear when it's hot outside and you want something that's noticeable but that isn't going to start to pong after a few hours out in the sunshine.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Punch, Cherry Kiss & Hydrate. I've spent the month alternating between the six of the lip balms in the line and I've decided that even though I do love all of them, these have to be my top three faviourtes. They are so moisturising and they smell amazing too, seriously, whenever I smell these I'm tempted to eat them. I won't go into huge detail as I've written a full review of the Baby Lips line here.

L'Oreal Purifying Micellar Solution. This has been featured in on my blog before and normally I don't like to repeat items in Favourites posts but I have been using this every single day so I thought that an exception could be made here. I can't get over at how well this removes all my make up and the general grime that builds up on my skin due to everyday life. I only need to use both sides of one cotton pad and hey presto, my face is make up free and feeling fresh. 

And my non beauty favourites of the month have been:  Fruit Loops, Batman: Arkhem City, Orange Is The New Black,Yankee candle in Salted Caramel (Mini size), Candy Crush Saga, Hot Chocolate (at the beach) & the sunshine.

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  1. I love Taylor Swifts album! + I really want to try baby lips and the loreal water!

  2. I just bought the baby lips in cherry me, I love it!! Might try the pink one as well X

  3. Awesome post! Your blog is so cute :-)


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