What to pack for LFW

by - Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Hi Pixies! Now unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably aware that London is currently being swamped with fashionable people from all over the world to celebrate the greatest week of the year, Fashion Week. I'm actually going up to London Fashion Weekend (the big send off to LFW ) this Saturday with my wonderful Godmother and her Daughter and I managed to put together a post that relates and that could also be used to help with general organisation. May I present to you my "What to pack for LFW" guide/list.

Camera & spare batteries - for all your photo taking needs.
Coach/Train/Travel tickets - otherwise you won't be able to get there in the first place!
Event tickets - otherwise you won't be able to get in!
Event map & timetable - so you know where you're going and what time different shows start.
Oyster card (optional) - makes traveling around London a hell of a lot simpler.
A spare pair of flat shoes - incase your feet start to kill after wearing heels all day.
Hairbrush/Tangle Teezer - British weather is unpredictable, best be prepared to fight Autumn winds.
Make-Up Essentials - to make yourself look amazing.
Notebook & two pens - to take notes about the shows you watch and two pens because they are temperamental little buggers. There's nothing worse than them running out halfway through an important note.
Purse with money, ID, Bank cards, etc - Pretty self explanatory.
Umbrella - It's bound to rain at some point.
Hand Sanitizer - You're bound to get germy hands throughout the day from traveling.

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