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by - Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hi Pixies! A while ago I wore a post about Mallzee, an amazing website that let's users take the stress out of shopping by letting you sop from all of your favourite brands in one easy to use site. Now I'm back to do a somewhat follow up/part two review of Mallzee's sparkling brand new app which you download from iTunes here.
Being a huge fan of Mallzee I was so happy to discover that they had developed this new app because as much as I do enjoy a good old fashioned website the new and easiest way to shop online is via the company's app. It makes life a whole lot easier, takes away the pesky adverts that pop up at the most inconvenient times that are never relevant and they are just a lot more hassle free and give off a more polished look and feel to them.

I'm pleased to let all you lovely Pixies know that the Mallzee app goes above and beyond to deliver on my expectations: it's easy to use, perfectly laid out, and one hundred percent annoying advert free. From the moment the app finishes downloading you are guided through a quick and simple tutorial and then you're all set to get cracking and more importantly... Shopping!

Along with all the amazing features that the app brings with it Mallzee have kept true to it's promise of being a app for friends, it's easier than ever before to connect with your friends and get their views on that top that you've been eyeing up forever, because who is going to give you a more honest opinion if your choices are fabulous or not? But don't just take my word, here is what the amazing Mallzee team think of the Mallzee app, and of corse, what their favourite thing about the app is:

“We, of course, love everything about our app (we’re not biased, we promise!) but if we had to pick one thing that we love the most, it would have to be the social sharing aspect. We love that we’re able to ask our closest friends opinions before buying, getting them to vote on what they think we should buy, without it being posted publicly all over Facebook. It’s such a fun feature and is so helpful when it comes to picking important outfits, like a Christmas party dress. A friends opinion can really make the choice so much easier!” 

So I guess that all that's left to do is leave you here and let you go and see for yourself just how epic the new Mallzee app is (here)!

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