Disney's Frozen: Anna Inspired looks

by - Sunday, January 05, 2014

Disney's Frozen, Anna Inspired Night & Day looks

Hi Pixies and welcome back for the second and final part of my Frozen inspired day and night looks. As the last post was focused on Elsa, the Snow Queen, it seemed only fair that I gave her younger sister, Anna her own post as well. Like I said previously, I can't stress enough that you need to go and see this film, the design and story are just mind blowing and it's become my second favourite Disney film to date (I'm sorry but nothing can change my love for Tangled, but this came incredibly close!)

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  1. These posts are such great ideas, i love it
    love victoriajanex

  2. This is such a cute idea for a post! I love that dress


  3. I love this look, it's gorgeous :)

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com



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