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by - Sunday, February 09, 2014

Hi Pixies. Today I embarked on another Primark trip as I've been busy stalking their Instagram page and I've had my eye on quite a few things, I swear that the more I keep looking at their social network pages the more I become addicted to shopping there, I think I need to go to Primark Anonymous.

The first thing that I bought was this stunning off grey-blue evening/prom dress. I've got a few things coming up this Summer that I thought this dress would be prefect for and it was a bargain at £15. I kid you not, just fifteen whole pounds, It would cost a bomb anywhere else and it also looks really classy. Needless to say that I'm a little tempted to go back and buy the duck egg blue one too.

I then had a mooch around the Home wear section and came across this beautiful throw blanket. I'm slightly obsessed with this as I've been wanting one for ages but I could never justify forking out £30 plus on a similar one I'd seen a while ago in Home Sense. I love that it has all different patterns, especially the little lace detail around the edges.

After finding the throw blanket I went back down to the accessories to have a quick look for the thing that had originally caught my eye on the Primark Instagram: these adorable Disney make-up brushes. I love the whole Disney x Primark collaboration that they've got going on, if I had enough money I'd buy everything that had Disney on it, but sadly I don't so I just have to choose my favourite things. I've been needing a few extra make-up brushes for a while now so I popped them into my shopping bag (although I think the fact that they are Disney was what sealed the deal) plus they're a steal at just £3.

Whilst in the accessorises section I also picked up these bunny ear hair schrunchies. I'm a absolute sucker for anything that even remotely reminds me of being a little kid and I also needed some new ones as my others decided to go walkabout so I feel like I'm justified (to myself) in buying them as you get two for £1.50.

So last but not least I picked up these plain back running shorts for £3. I love these things as I can throw them in my ballet bag and wear them in class over my leotard whenever I get a little cold.

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  1. Those brushes are adorable, think I may have to go and get some for myself! xx

  2. I love the dress! I need to go primark shopping now!

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