wishlist #14.

by - Sunday, April 06, 2014

Wishlist #14

Hi Pixies. Here's yet another wishlist of things that I'd love to get but sadly, probably never will. So, I've been fascinated with Polaroid cameras for as long as I can remember. I just love the idea of the pictures being in your hands in a matter of minutes, but I've never had one so I'm really lusting after this sleek little white camera from Fujifilm, now I just need to actually get the thing! 

Dr. Martens - Long story short, I've had a pink pair since I was 14/15 and they are starting to fall apart, but this time I think I'd go with the black pair as they're just more practical and go with so much more than hot pink. I stress - I was 14!

I bought The Fault In Our Stars about two weeks ago and managed to read it in about three days as it was just so good and I couldn't put it down. Even though I'm currently reading Looking For Alaska I'm now planning ahead and on the hunt for the next book on my list (there's no particular order), Paper Towns. I think John Green is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

And finally... Nirvana CD's. I actually had all of these on tape (remember those kids?) that I'd recorded off my cousin's CD's when I was younger but as the times and technology have changed they've now become obsolete. The good thing is that they're currently all over the place as it was twenty years to the day yesterday that Kurt Cobain died (Poor guy.)

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  1. You couldn't be more like me if you tried Jade!
    I have one of those Polaroids, the only downside is the battery doesn't last so long, John Green is also my favorite author, Paper Towns is my favourite book of his too, even better than the fault in our stars!
    Love xxx

  2. You must read Paper Towns it is brilliant. Utterly brilliant!

    Em www.emulehparker.co.uk xx

  3. Hi Jade :)
    I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you want to take part, check out my blog post and you'll find the rules and how you can nominate some bloggers for yourself :) http://hinatashowers7.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/liebster-award.html xx


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