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by - Sunday, May 04, 2014

They say that time flys by when you're having fun and I don't know about you but April has wizzed by, it seems like it was only yesterday that we were leaving the month of March. Maybe it has something to do with the long Easter holiday, or perhaps I just passed out from eating to much chocolate and have only just woken up, who knows?

A few of the 'beauty' items featured in today's posts are ones that I've loved last spring/summer and I've once again found myself clammerimg through my make-up collection to dig them out of hibernation. As for the 'non beauty' favourites of this post it is mainly built up of CDs - inperticular Nirvana (I had to finally cave in and replace my beloved cassette tapes with CDs when the good old tapes packed up once and for all.) 

Along with the Nirvana love fest I've been loving these amazing pink headphones that I purchased from Primark for £6 - they are amazing quality and don't squish my ears when I've listened to them whilst falling asleep. In other news, I finally tracked down a pair of jelly shoes, you wouldn't believe how blood difficult it was to find a pair of size 1 heeled jelly shoes. Small footed twenty-something's have nostalgia kicks too you know! 

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  1. I definitely need to try the Garnier Micellar water!

    Lovely post :)

    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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    1. It was honestly the best spur of the moment purchase that I've ever made! I used to think that the L'oreal one was amazing (and in fairness it's pretty good) but this one.... It's the best one I've ever tried, hands down. Plus you get more for your money as it contains more liquid/fluid/whatever it's actually called :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I actually bought all of them the week they were finally released over here... Is that bad? Haha xx


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