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by - Monday, May 26, 2014

After years upon years of wearing oversized sunglasses that make me look like more of a bug than that famous picture Victoria Beckham with her huge sunnies I've finally got my little hands on a decent sized pair of sunglasses that suit my pea-sized head! I picked up this absolutely adorable pair of peachy pink-slightly rose gold framed sunnies from my mother ship Topshop for £16 and I think that I'm already completely in love with them.

For one thing they are the first pair of sunglasses that I've had since I was probably about ten that don't fall off my face. The other being that they look extremely dainty and are perfect for anyone with a small head as they don't swamp your entire face, I particularly like that the arms are exceptionally thin as it doesn't detract the eye away from the main detail of the glasses - the pink clear frames. 

I personally think that they are worth the money as I can't pick up a decent pair from Primark as my face is smaller than the average girl and you can also tell that they are made well as they have a supposing amount if weight to them, although they are by no means heavy - does that make sense to anyone else apart from me? I'll also just confess quickly that I'm slightly tempted to go back and buy a spare pair, you know just In case... Is that bad?


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  1. Ooh these look so lovely! Would love to have them in my collection! xo

    Hannah Rose // Blog

    1. They are pretty are they not? Think they also did them in purple and a few other colours :) xxx


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