wishlist: ipone 5c cases.

by - Monday, May 26, 2014

I love my phone but one of the things that I didn't realise before I actually owned it was that there is a severe and shocking lack of cases out there that fit the 5C. I eagerly walked into Primark (and down the rest of the High Street might I add) after the Christmas holidays to see if I could find a case for my new gadget and I was utterly disappointed when the only things on offer where for the older 4/5S models. Now I don't find this very fair if I'm honest with you, just because I didn't want to fork out £500 plus pounds I can't find a phone case for my 5c that doesn't look like the design was stolen from a pair of Croc shoes (I'm looking at you Apple!) So I took it upon myself to search the internet to try and find a lovely and decent iPhone shaped home for my beloved piece of technology and this is what I've now added to my list of things to buy - p.s. who wouldn't want Tom Hiddleston on their phone? Just me?

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