a day in winchester.

by - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Yesterday was a very 'spur of the moment' kind of day. As we've been luck enough to be enjoying this glorious sunshine for the past couple of weeks me and mum decided to hop on a train to Winchester for the day and have a leisurely stroll around all the shops and adorable little cafes.

Catching the ten o'clock train from our local station we arrived in Winchester roughly an hour later - not to bad if you ask me. Grabbing a cup of tea and some delicious red velvet cake from Ginger Two, a cute little café that was tucked away down one of the city's many side alleys we set off down the busy high street, just having a look at whatever caught our fancy. If you're as nosey as I am then why not have a look at some of the pictures I took whilst there - make sure you click on 'Read More' to see the rest of the post!  


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