hello autumn.

by - Sunday, September 07, 2014

Summer is officially over and whilst the world and his wife are heading back to school and work the weather outside is slowly starting to change. Autumn has been my favorite time of the year since I was little, there's just something about the changing colour of the leaves, cooler weather and of course the build up to Halloween that I've always held dear. With that in mind I decided that I'd cobble together a list of things that I'm most looking forward to over the coming months.

01. The changing colour of the leaves. There's just something so beautiful in all the various shades of red, brown and orange.
02. Being able to wear thick knitted jumpers without getting too hot. I'm a sucker for anything that gives me the opportunity to add layers.
03. The start of new series of television shows. I'm looking at you American Horror Story and Once Upon A Time.
04. Hot chocolate & Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. 
05. Asda's Halloween isle. I can spend hours just rummaging around in there, getting far too excited over fake cobwebs and plastic skulls.
06. Stocking up on Primark's extra thick cozy tights, they are the softest things ever!
07. Finally having an excuse to wear dark lipsticks. 
08. Just having the shops full of rustic, harvest style decor. 
09. Yankee Candle releasing their Autumn range.
10. Finally getting to see the National Theater production of Frankenstein (all be it at the cinema - but it still counts!)
11. Casual walks to work in crisp morning breeze with leaves crunching under my feet.
12. Pumpkin flavor everything! Pie, tea, cake, etc.
13. Autumn fashions - ankle boots, duffle coats, jumpers, scarfs... you get the idea.


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