saturday afternoon.

by - Saturday, October 18, 2014

hat: topshop | necklace: primark | t-shirt: primark | skirt: urban outfitters | nail polish: ciate, wait until dark

Today was one of those days where the weather just doesn't want to make it's mind up. One second it was tipping it down and the next there was (some) sunshine. Now I brought this amazing hat from the Topshop sale in June/July for a mere £5! This is the first time I've worn it, which is bad I know but after a slight reservation I think that it doesn't look that bad. In the end it stopped my hair from flying around my face in the blustery wind so it served its purpose. In other news I'm determined to stop biteing my fingernails, it's gross and at twenty-two I need to seriously stop. So far I've managed to get them to the stage where most have a tiniest hint of white tips so I'm hoping that adding some (shoddily applied) nail polish will be another intensive! Now I'm planning on a quite night in watching Strictly & Doctor Who with a cup of tea in hand, what a glamorous life I lead.


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  1. I found that applying nail varnish stopped me biting my nails and now they're in great condition. I love your skirt it really suits you :)

    Kayleigh xo
    Ruffles and Rabbits

    1. Well hopefully my love of shiny nails out ways the temptation to eat them, fingers crossed! xx


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