velvet roses.

by - Friday, October 03, 2014

top: charity shop | disco pants: missguided | choker: claire's accessories

One of the things that I love about working in a charity shop is that you sometimes stumble across these amazing little gems that is hidden underneath layers of second hand Christmas jumpers. Take this velvet top that I found yesterday, there's just something about it that grabbed my attention and despite it not being to everyone's taste, I think it doesn't look all that bad, it has a 90's feel to it with the black velvet and dark print, It feels a tad grunge like if you ask me. All it cost was a mere £3, which if you were to pick up a velvet top from anywhere else on the high street I'm positive that it would cost a lot more!

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  1. I really like it! You can't go wrong with a little velvet every now and then :)

    xo Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

    1. Especially around the Autumn/Winter months :) x


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