wednesday addams.

by - Friday, October 31, 2014

dress: pop boutique - via asos | skull (money box): home bargains 

Happy Halloween! In case you weren't aware Halloween is my favorite time of the year. All the ghosts and ghouls and as many sweets as you can eat - what's not to love? Now I'm not planning on going out this year as my little cousin is still a bit young for trick or treating (maybe next year) but I decided to be a rebel and dress up anyway. If you haven't already guessed by the picture I'm supposed to be the one and only Wednesday Addams. When o was growing up I was a tad obsessed with wanting to be her (actually I think I still am) and I had this tiny grey patterned Wednesday dress that my Grandad got me which I wore until I was about ten when it just fell apart. It was around the beginning of the year that stumbled across this amazing dress, appropriately named 'The Wednesday' whilst having a browse through ASOS. I just couldn't stop myself from lusting after it so in the end my mum brought it for me for my birthday. The only slight downside is that I struggle a bit trying to wear it day to day as it doesn't tend to go with everything but for occasions such as Halloween it's perfect!

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  1. I knew it. Wednesday Addams is iconic. I love your collar. Happy Halloween! :] // ☼ ☯


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