from where i stand.

by - Monday, November 10, 2014

The other day I was having a scroll through Instagram, as you do and I spotted something that I haven't seen before - a new type of outfit post. Intrigued I did a bit of research (Google is always your best friend) and finally worked out what 'fwis' actually stood for. I think this new take on outfit of the day photos is pretty darn nifty as if you're lazy like me it saves having to haul out the big old camera or battle with the reflection in the bedroom mirror. So far I've posted a grand total of two 'from where I stand' pictures, not counting the blurry first attempt with terrible bedroom lighting that cast shadows over everything! Anyway, they are as follows:

01 | jacket: topshop, scarf: primark, t-shirt: primark, trousers: missguided, boots: new look

02 | shirt: jack wills, jeans: topshop, bag: charity shop, boots: new look (and Jasper deciding to be a sleepy photo bomber)


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