looking forward to christmas

by - Monday, December 01, 2014

Today officially marks the countdown to Christmas. With it being the first of December I've popped together a small(ish) list of the things that I'm most looking forward to this month.

01. Chocolate. Advent calendars, chocolate coins, hot chocolate, yule log, there's just chocolate everywhere.

02. Christmas shopping. Although the shops are jammed packed with people and it's far too busy for my liking I actually secretly like it. I'm quite proud that I managed to get over half of my shopping done in one go yesterday! 

03. Christmas meals/parties. There's at least one occasion, if not more in December where you can get glammed up and eat lots of scummy festive food.

04. Festive films. Because there's no two greater films than Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas and Nativity!

05. Putting up the decorations. There's nothing that I enjoy more than sitting and watching my brother struggle with a string of fairy lights that have managed to get knotted up over the past twelve months. I just like to stick the ball-balls on the tree whilst listening to Slade.

06. (Hopefully) going ice skating. Despite not having taken to the ice since last year I'm determined to get back into it as I actually became quite good at it. cue another dodgy knee and a few bumps and bruises. I've also promised to take my little cousin so I need to get reacquainted with my figure skates for that to happen.

07. Snow! Fingers crossed that it snows, there's just something so magical about it all. However trying to get snow out of Jasper's fur isn't so fun!

08. Going to the cinema to see The Hobbit. It's become a tradition in our family. Even Mum seems to enjoy it although you do have to explain what's happening quite a bit. No Mum, Elijah Wood isn't in this one!!!

09. Big duffle coats. Time to bring out the 'Paddington Bear' jacket from the wardrobe, it's lovely and cozy.

10. Enjoying the Christmas spirit. Everyone just seems happier around this time of year, it's all quite jolly don't you think?

11. Harry Potter marathon. ITV always seem to have a 1-2 month long Harry Potter marathon every Christmas (I think they showed Philosopher's Stone this Saturday just gone) and as I'm sure you all know I have a deep, deep love of all things Potter so I'm claiming the television every Saturday afternoon form now until the new year.

12. The 'so tacky they're amazing' Christmas jumpers. Nothing says 'Christmas festivities' like a giant xmas pudding with sequins on your jumper. I think Primark even have one that lights up!

13. Sending and receiving Xmas cards. In this day and age of social media & email it's quite lovely to revive a hand written card. My favorites are the ones from my cousins in New Zealand who always do Star Wars meets Christmas themed ones! 

14. Nostalgic books. Since I was little I've had this Spot the Dog Christmas book; Spot's Magical Christmas, that I always bring out at this time of year. Despite being in my twenties there's still something so 'christmassy' about reading it (preferably on Christmas Eve) although I have been getting it out to read to the dog for the past couple of years. I'm sad, I know.

15. Christmas specials on TV. Doctor Who, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, ect. Even if I don't usually watch the shows for the rest of the year I really enjoy the Christmas specials. However nobody dares to speak whilst Grandma is watching Strictly, I did once and I've never heard the end of it... Although it's okay for her to talk during Doctor Who! *grumble*


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