monday musings

by - Monday, March 30, 2015

1. Nothing kicks of a good week like walking into work on a Monday morning and being greeted by a giant box full of brand new, unopened ex-testers and being told to help yourself. After narrowing down the huge pile that had mounted up I eventually settled on a few bits and bobs. 

2. After seeing the film at Christmas I decided to give Jane Hawking's book a go. I'm roughly about half way through and I can't see to put it down. Also, if you haven't already, try this chocolate, it's so delicious.

3. Despite still waiting for the sun to shine I've dusted off my floral brouges and taken them out on the town. Now if only it was actually warm enough that my tootsies wouldn't freeze whilst wearing them.

4. I was absolutely gutted to have missed the chance to see Paddington at the cinema, so like any normal 23 year old I picked it up on DVD and had a film session with my own little bear.

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  1. Everything is so beautiful!
    I'm in love with this bear!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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