velvet teddy lipstick.

by - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Like many people I climbed aboard the band wagon and have finally given into temptation by purchasing the ever sold out (at least when I've been on the hunt for it) 'Velvet Teddy'  lipstick from MAC. I can't even begin to tell you how much hype I've seen surrounding this particular lipstick for the past year, it's bordering on obsessive. It just seems that the world and his wife want to see for themselves exactly what all the fuss was about. I have owned exactly two lipsticks from MAC, both of them being more towards the pink/purplish end of the colour spectrum, so that being said I'm counting this as my first 'nude' lipstick from the brand. 

Unlike many other various nudes I've used in the past, I've found that this one has amazing staying power on my lips. It's survived a whole day in which I only had to touch it up once, including numerous cups of tea, singing lessons and a rather disgusting sweaty hour and a half dance class. I also like that it's almost a subtle darker nude when I apply it; standing out whilst not looking too obvious or in your face, which for me is a key factor when trying to decide which colour to reach for in the mornings. At £15 which I know may seem a little expensive to some people I know, I would still recommend this just because I personally think it's a good quality product and is good value for money. Why by five or six seemingly okay lipsticks when you can just easily easily invest in one good one which will last far longer?

- Thank for reading, Jade

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