winter coat.

by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

coat: topshop petite. t-shirt: topshop. trousers: topshop. boots: primark

It's been seven long years since I last splurged out and invested in a truly cozy and warm winter coat. Fondly dubbed my 'Paddington Bear' coat because, in short, it looks as if I've pinched it from the wardrobe of the beloved cartoon bear thanks to it being the exact same colours. It's now sadly coming to the end of its well-loved life, with far too many frays and growing holes that have made it almost unwearable - hence I had to make another pilgrimage to my mother ship go-to shop for anything tiny sized: the petite section in Topshop. firstly, thank you from the bottom of my little heart for making this beautiful coat available in a size four! You've stopped my bones from freezing in this winter weather. It also thankfully doesn't let the cold in with the tastefully hidden zip and buttons. Perfect on the cold and frosty morning's I have to travel to Uni or work. I also really love the shape of it too as it's just the right length. The only downside is that the pockets are fake, a slight bug bare of mine,but something I'll just have to look past in my quest for toasty, warm bones. I wore this with a simple plain black t-shirt and a  pair of incredibly soft checked print skinny trousers, again both from Topshop. In a nutshell this is just my 'head-to-toe in Topshop look'.

- Thanks for reading, Jade

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