24th birthday wishlist.

by - Friday, February 05, 2016

Every year my birthday rolls around, as birthdays generally tend to do. Being an annual thing and all; and I'm always left scratching my head at the question 'What would you like?' So this year I've made myself one step ahead and cobbled together a small wishlist of things I've been lusting over and have had my eye on.

This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray: I've been having trouble sleeping more and more recently, and frankly it's wearing me out. I've had the thisworks sleep spray recommended to me on several occasions now and all with glowing reviews. Plus the packaging just looks cute and right up my alley. Here's hoping it'll decrease some anxiety levels too.

Pixi Glow tonic & Glow mist: Like the previous item I've been drawn in by the positive reviews and the aesthetically pleasing design and look. I've yet to find either a stand up tonic and face mist that live up to what's scribbled on the bottle. It all just seems to melt off my face at a seconds notice or leave my skin feeling rather oily. Again, hoping these would do the trick.

Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grande: It's Mac, it's one of my favourite berry/purple shades and it's for a good cause. What's not to love?

Luna Lovegood funko pop: How cute is this little Luna Lovegood funko pop?! Why she's just as sweet as the little Pygmy Puff I was cooing over at the Harry Potter Studio Tour... And then forgot to actually buy! Sad times. If I had it my way I'd buy every single Potter funko out there, but as I'm short on a few pennies, Luna will have to make do to keep my equally delightful Hermione some magical company in my bookshelf. 

Z for Accessorize Star sleeper hoops: I saw these around Christmas whilst trying to find presents for friends and foolishly popped the pair I had in my hand back on the shelf. Now I live to regret the tale. Because they were supposed to be mine but I had a moment of foolishness and now can't find them anywhere!

Let me know what you've been eyeing up lately, I'd love to know. What have you got saved up in a little wishlist that's hidden away?

- Thanks for reading, Jade 

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