mustard yellow.

by - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

jumper: primark. glasses: jones new york. jeans: topshop. shoes: converse (unseen)

So it seems as if I've fallen into a state of never ending outfit of the day posts... Which when you're surrounded by floor to ceiling mirrors in a dance studio or classroom, that have rather decent lighting too might I just add, it was kinda inevitable. In truth, this post was supposed to go up a good week ago, but life just flew by and before I knew it, it was Tuesday again. On another note, I had planned a few posts dedicate to my show which I've been in rehearsals for since practically the third week of September when I originally went back to Uni. But as always, life is never simple... Or kind for that matter and now I'm curled up in bed with a crappy asthma infection which in turn is buggering up my already not too fabulous lungs. It's a long and frankly disgusting story so I won't traumatize you with the gory details. To give you the short version: a poorly Jade has meant that I've had to pull out at the final hurdle... On show week of all things! So to say I'm utterly gutted about that is the understatement of the century. Anyway, back to the outfit now that I've shared my sob story. Once again, I decided to release my inner lazy bones to the world... well... my Uni class at least, and grabbed one of the snuggest jumpers I've ever brought from Primark. I paired it with my ever faithful high-waisted Topshop jeans and a pair of white Converses. And my glasses as I'd rather not be as blind as a bat whilst walking around a stage and end up bumping into the set. That wouldn't have been my cleverest moment.

- Thanks for reading, Jade

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