what's on my iphone.

by - Thursday, February 04, 2016

My iPhone is my technological baby. There I said it and I'm completely unashamed. It's no secret that I can spend hours on end watching You Tube videos, and there's nothing I quite love more than a good old What's in my handbag/bookcase/make-up bag/iPhone video. It's like the inner busy body in me is just dying to have a little sneak peak into what other people are up to these days. After tinkering around with my camera I finally managed to get relatively decent photos of exactly what magical treasures are hidden on my beloved iPhone 5c (which is now into it's third year; touch wood!) Although I haven't got a clue why half of them turned out so blue toned. I went to all the effort of using natural light and everything. Oh well. I hope you all enjoy the peaks into my phone... Which in all honesty is probably just 99% of Uni notes, Nutella recipes, pictures of Jasper and one or two of Eddie Redmayne... 

 - Thanks for reading, Jade

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