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by - Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Over the past six months I've become a lot more involved and interested in the world of skincare. Gone are the days where I'd glide past the long aisles in Boots whilst making a beeline for the latest makeup releases, I'm now finding that I've developed a new approach. Skin first, make up second. After all, what's the point of putting products on your face when you're lacking a good base to begin with?

Amie Natural Skincare is a brand that I've both loved and featured on my blog before; one for being a cruelty free and vegan friendly brand and having been a lover of both their Morning Clear Purifying facial wash and Morning Dew Matte-Finish moisturiser. They've both become a staple in my morning and nightly routines.

I was incredibly lucky to be sent a few things to try by the lovely team over at Amie, so today I thought I'd let you know how I got on.

I've tried and tested the Petal Perfect Gently Cleansing Micellar Water* in the past after having found some of the other offerings on the high street to be a bit harsh on my skin, so naturally I was pleased as punch to see this little bottle staring back at me from my box of goodies. From my personal opinion, I've found this to be incredibly effective at removing all traces of makeup including waterproof mascara. It glides nicely over the skin when applied to a cotton pad and a little goes a long way. I can usually get rid of a whole face of makeup with one micellar water soaked pad and then used the back to tackle my eyes and brows. It can also be used as a very gentle and refreshing toner in the mornings if like me, you don't fancy having 101 different bottles clogging up your dressing table.

Next on the list is the newest addition to the range, the New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish.*  I've struggled with my pores for as long as I can remember. It seems that I've tried every single product under the sun and up until now, nothing has quite managed to completely blitz away the pesky blackheads - until now. The first thing that I noticed was that this smells amazing. I spent a good five minutes just standing at my bathroom sink just inhaling the delicious mango and orange blossom scent before I'd even used it. The Exfoliating Polish naturally removes dead skin cells and gets deep into the pores to get rid of all the usual dirt and grime that builds up to give skin a cleaner and brighter, more refreshed feel. The thing that I love the most about this product is that it's not abrasive and doesn't leave my skin feeling as if I've gone at it with sandpaper. It's just nice and gentle with quick results.

Last but definitely not least is the Daybright Glow Brightening Sheet Mask.* having never tried a sheet mask before in my life #sheetmaskvirgin! I was curious just to see exactly how they work. Happily, they're as easy as pie to use thanks to the three step instructions. I found that although the masks were slightly too big for my tiny face, it’s incredibly effortless to adapt and adjust them to your required face shape. There's no harsh chemicals to be found within the masks which happily resulted in leaving my skin incredibly soft and refreshed after 15 minutes of use. These will be perfect for whenever you fancy a nice relax in the bath with a glass of wine or cuppa tea. I've already got my next one planned for this evening.

I will definitely be repurchasing all of these products again and can't wait to incorporate them into my daily skincare routine. I'd love to know what your favourite go-to skincare product is, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, love Jade x

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