tartan and cream.

Hi, Pixies! So the weather outside is pretty crappy, to say the least, the forecast for the south coast is severe storms and gale force winds so after having braved the weather this morning I'm now curled up at home watching Casper (which is one of my favourite Halloween films) with Mum and Jasper. Today I decided that I wanted something that was warm but still easy to lounge around in - and to be acceptable enough to go out in, so with that in mind I settled upon my knitted Hollister jumper that I picked up in their Christmas sale last year, my Topshop disco pants and then I paired it all together with my favourite accessory of the moment, my tartan scarf from Primark for added warmth.


  1. Love your scarf!

    xoxo, Kenzie

  2. I absolutely adore this scarf, it is so cute!! I love the layout of your blog too :-)

    Much love as always!
    x x


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