#BritishBloggerSelection & About Me: Q&A

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Hi there Pixies! A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Ellie over at Little Camera Vintage asking if I'd like to take part in her new brainchild/blogging-baby/idea called #BritishBloggerSelection. Ellie's aim is to get as many British bloggers to participate in the fun by writing a little blog post about a certian theme that Ellie will message you with, it could be anything, from beauty, fashion, questions & answers... you get the gist. I think that it's such a fablouous idea as it bring the blogging community closer togeather and it's a fun way to make new friends.

Fancy being involved in #BBS? All you need to do is contact Ellie (you can find her details here) with your blog URL, blog name, first and last name! It's as easy as falling off a log! Now, without further ado it's onto this weeks task/post:

01. Why Do You Like blogging? Firstly, I like blogging as I find it quite theraputic. There's nothing more relaxing than writing down your thoughts and ideas in a post with a hot cup of tea by your side. I also like the social side that blogging brings with it as I've meet so many lovely people.

02. How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name? I had gone through about two or three diffrent blog names before I settled on 'Pint Size Pixie', I think that it comes from my lack of height and that I'm always being refered to as 'The Pixie' while at work... hence Pint Size Pixie was born!

03. Where From The UK Do You Come From? Dorset, down south is where it's at! Ha, I sound so pathetic!

04. Favourite Colour? It changes with my mood and the season. Right now it's burgandy but if you were to ask me again in two weeks it would proberbly be something diffrent.

05. Do You Like Lana Del Ray? I do but I haven't listened to all of her songs yet, I really should get round to doing it, she has an amazing voice!

06. Hidden Talents That You Have? I can touch my nose with my tounge! Gross but cool!

07.Celebrity Crush? Evan Peters. Hands down! I've been driving my Mum nuts with American Horror Story. I'm not even sorry. I mean look how pretty!
08. Favourite Blog Of All Time? Fleur De Force, Zoella & Sprinkle Of Glitter. They should be Vogue editors or something, their blogs are amazing!

09. What Made You Want To Join #BritishBloggerSelection? It seemed like such a cool and new idea that I couldn't resist Ellie's offer.

That's it for this #BritishBloggerSelection, keep a look out for the next one... hopefully coming soon!


  1. Oh my Goddd Evan Peters is the cutest! -swoon-

    xoxo, Kenzie

  2. Just letting you know I have nominated you for the sunshine award. xxx



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