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hat: topshop, necklace: old so not sure, t-shirt: topshop, cardigan: primark, disco pants: topshop, shoes: converse (not shown).

Hi Pixies! So incase you are not aware, I've recently become ever so slightly addicted to a small programme called "American Horror Story" and along with that I've also found my newest style icon in the form of one of the shows main stars: Tassia Farmiga. Now I'm not going to turn this post into a AHS love fest (as I've already done a huge review of the latest series 'Coven' which you can read here) but I do have to point out that I'm utterly in love with Tassia's style at the moment and one of the best things that I like about it is that it's a little similar to mine when it comes to a love of cardigans and converse. I really like that she can perfectly pull off the 'laid back but still utterly flawless mixed with grunge elements' look (try saying that fast three times! So to avoid risking entering the babbling on about nothing at all relative zone I'm going to leave it here for now. 

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  1. Love that jumper it looks so fluffy and tres comfortable :)



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